Many of our clients need to work on the go, and sometimes on multiple devices. Others need to share files and documents with people in or outside their company. We have found that the best way to allow this is by installing a Windows Server 2012 based network with Office 365. This is Microsoft’s most popular subscription-based service allows all this and much more.

Hosted on the cloud, it includes a suite of familiar applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint as well as services such as OneDrive for Business (storage), Outlook (email), SharePoint (collaboration tool) and Skype for Business (video conferencing), for a variety of price packages.

Having supplied, installed and managed Office 365 for a number of customers, we know that not all of these services make sense to all businesses. So we work with you to understand your needs and select the technologies and services that are the most suitable for you, your team and the way you work.

For larger networks, spanning multiple locations, we work with broadband providers to create the infrastructure. Users are able to work wherever they need to and still have full access to the business resources.

See below for some example case studies that describe how we installed server setups for some of our clients.

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