Printer Install

Printer Installer is an on-premise web application that enables you to eliminate your print servers and centrally manage direct IP printing for your entire enterprise. You can easily import your current environment’s printers and then manage them as direct IP printers. With Printer Installer you can:

Migrate with Ease

With Printer Installer, importing your current environment to direct IP printing is simple and automated.

Migrate from any Environment

Use the provided GUI to import your existing Novell, Microsoft, or unmanaged direct IP printers.

Import existing printers

Save time by importing your existing Windows shared or Novell printers, including drivers, ports, and device settings.

Silently convert end user printers

Silently convert all end user’s existing Windows shared or Novell printers to direct IP printers.

Eliminate print servers

Eliminate expensive print servers. Eliminate print server management. Eliminate print server single point of failure. Eliminate pain.