PC Repair and Computer Services including Laptop Repairs on ALL makes of computers

ALL PC Problems fixed quickly on all makes of computer and laptops

IT Support contracts for all types of home and business computers.

“We also offer an out of hours drop off and collection service”

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Computer Repairs

Repairs to all make of computer and laptop. Dropped computers, broken screens, dead computers, Windows errors, Macintosh repairs, virus removal, upgrades and data recovery. Drop your computer into us we will, back up the PC to protect your data, you will not lose any of your files (provided they still exist). Even in extreme cases, we have a partnership with Seagate the hard drive manufacturer for clean room data recovery. If you would prefer we can visit your site to repair your computer.

IT Support and Implementation Services.

Maintenance – Hardware and Software maintenance for all IT Business systems. Our primary goal is to provide companies with cost effective & comprehensive support. For a small monthly fee we can remote control your PC anywhere in the world as long as you have access to the Internet. Combine that with expert phone support and it will be very unlikely you would ever need us to visit you on site.

Implementation – Understanding IT and how it can affect your business is our specialty. We deliver solutions that matter & strategies that work. We are experts in providing complete solutions for the Small to Medium sized Enterprise.

Website Design and Hosting.

Website Design – TonbridgeIT can design your new website or update your current website. Whatever type you require from a small one page Internet “Advert” to a large retail shopping site we can do it all. If there is a feature on this site you like we can incorporate it into your existing site.

Website Hosting – Our website hosting is exceptionally flexible. It includes one domain name, unlimited email addresses, Unix or Windows servers, supports all current web languages, PHP, asp, HTML java, MS SQL databases, MySQL databases, MS Access databases, sub-domains etc. All at a fixed cost of £250 per year.

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Home NetWorks

Home networking is never as simple as merely connecting device A to device B. This guide will walk you through the jargon of setting up a home network. I’m focusing on PC networking here, but I will talk about consumer electronics gear in the context of delivering material from your PC to the living room, as well as Internet connectivity.

Some of the following advice may apply to renters as well as to homeowners, but if you rent rather than own, you have much less control over your physical environment. Your landlord may not appreciate your punching holes in the walls to string Cat 5e cabling, for example.

What Do You Need From Your Network?

Before whipping out your credit card and buying up gear, figure out what you’re trying to accomplish with your home network.

  • Are you just looking to connect a couple of laptops and maybe a Wi-Fi-equipped cell phone to the Internet for Web access? You might be able to get by with a single 802.11n access point.
  • Do you work at home frequently, and require access to a corporate network through VPN (virtual private network) technology? You’ll need a good router that can handle VPN passthrough.
  • Are you a serious online gamer? Do you connect to massively multiplayer online games or through services like PlayStation Network or Xbox Live frequently? You’ll need not only to buy a good router but also to steep yourself in key router capabilities such as port forwarding.
  • Do you watch TV through the Internet, using services like Hulu or the networks’ own Websites? If you’re streaming video from the Internet to multiple locations in your home, you’ll want a reliable networking infrastructure–probably a wired network.

Determining the answers to such questions will go a long way toward ensuring that you build a network suitable for your home without spending too much in the process.


We specialise in the following

  • Managed Services
  • Server maintenance and upgrades
  • Remote Support
  • Cloud Services
  • Office 365
  • Security Services
  • Desktop Support
  • Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • VoIP Telephony Solutions
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Many of our clients need to work on the go, and sometimes on multiple devices. Others need to share files and documents with people in or outside their company. We have found that the best way to allow this is by installing a Windows Server 2012 based network with Office 365. This is Microsoft’s most popular subscription-based service allows all this and much more.

Hosted on the cloud, it includes a suite of familiar applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint as well as services such as OneDrive for Business (storage), Outlook (email), SharePoint (collaboration tool) and Skype for Business (video conferencing), for a variety of price packages.

Having supplied, installed and managed Office 365 for a number of customers, we know that not all of these services make sense to all businesses. So we work with you to understand your needs and select the technologies and services that are the most suitable for you, your team and the way you work.

For larger networks, spanning multiple locations, we work with broadband providers to create the infrastructure. Users are able to work wherever they need to and still have full access to the business resources.

See below for some example case studies that describe how we installed server setups for some of our clients.

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An excellent cable system, combined with an expert installation, can prevent sluggish performance of your hardware and provide your business with optimal operations and durability within a structured network. It is one of the best investments a business can make.

Our design and data cable installation team are experts in their field and fully qualified in commercial cabling and installation services for the following systems:

  • Cat5e
  • Cat6
  • Fibre optic cabling
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Tonbridge IT

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07438 392 992

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We can resolve all software problems, remove viruses or spyware and supply or install new hardware components – either replacements or upgrades.

If the specific service that you need is not shown, please ask. Whatever the problem, we are here to help …

Hardware Faults & Upgrades

We install hard drives, memory modules, power supplies, processors, motherboards, graphics and sound cards, modems, CD/DVD drives, floppy drives, routers, etc. We can supply replacement or upgrade components, or install parts which you have provided.

Not Booting or Blue Screens

Your computer will not boot, there are error messages (blue screens) or it will only boot in ‘Safe Mode’. These are common problems and our engineers are experienced in identifying the source of the problem and restoring your computer system to perfect health.

Internet & Wi-Fi Connections

We can install your router and network card, set up and configure your wireless broadband connection or help with any Internet or e-mail problems you may be having. We can also optimise your Internet settings in order to speed up your connection and boost your downloads.

Virus or Spyware Removal

Virus and spyware attacks are becoming more frequent and more serious. They can be amongst the hardest computer problems to deal with. You may need professional help to clear the virus and to repair the damage it might have done. We can install free anti-virus software and also advise about firewalls and other methods of protection.

Software Errors

Are you having problems installing certain software, or perhaps you have installed software, which has had unexpected side effects or caused conflicts with existing software? We can help with all general software problems and with any issues relating to Windows updates, etc.

Laptop Hardware Repairs

We can replace the following items on most makes of laptop – hard drive, memory module, screen and keyboard. This service is not available in all areas – please contact us for more details.

Network Setup or Repairs

Our engineers are experienced in the design, installation and configuration of networks (both peer-to-peer and server based) and in troubleshooting a wide variety of network and server related issues.

Data Loss & Retrieval

Our engineers can attempt to retrieve any data that has become lost or corrupted – at a fraction of the cost usually charged by data recovery specialists. We can also advise and implement effective backup procedures in order to safeguard your important data from future loss.

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Web Hosting

Plans & Pricing

Our hosting plans in detail. Choose the right plan for you!

    • 10GB Storage Space
    • 100GB Monthly Bandwidth
    • Unlimited Sub-Domains
    • Unlimited E-mail Accounts
    • Control Panel & FTP
    • No Shared 128bit SSL
    Best for: Start-ups, Blogs
    • 15GB Storage Space
    • Unlimited Monthly Bandwidth
    • Unlimited Sub-Domains
    • Unlimited E-mail Accounts
    • Control Panel & FTP
    • No Shared 128bit SSL
    Best for: Small Businesses
    • 20 GB Storage Space
    • Unlimited Monthly Bandwidth
    • Unlimited Sub-Domains
    • Unlimited E-mail Accounts
    • Control Panel & FTP
    • No Shared 128bit SSL
    Best for: Resellers, Devs
    • 50Gb Storage Space
    • Unlimited Monthly Bandwidth
    • Unlimited Sub-Domains
    • Unlimited E-mail Accounts
    • Control Panel & FTP
    • No Shared 128bit SSL
    Best for: Big Projects

So, why Tonbridge IT? Because we have all-inclusive prices and unbeatable value
Other companies promise cheap hosting, but then charge extra for setup fees, higher renewal rates, or promotional services.


cPanel or Direct Admin control panel

Our web servers are all connected to these 1Gb/s ports, which is then connected to the datacentre backbone, capable of up to the cool 90 Gb per second bandwidth!


High security and performance

In addition to high physical security, all servers are protected with UPS and backup generators, you just can’t beat this affordable peace of mind.


No question is too stupid.

All our accounts come with Softaculous Premium allowing you to install popular software such as WordPress, Drupal, Joolma and Magento in one easy step.

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Range Extender Install

The dead zone – that spot in your house where WiFi inexplicably seems to disappear. With all the devices, metal appliances, and architectural interference in the average home, even the fastest, most powerful WiFi router can miss a few spots. WiFi Range Extenders, also called WiFi Boosters, are a simple and economical way to end the mystery and bring dead zones to life.

Printer Install

Printer Installer is an on-premise web application that enables you to eliminate your print servers and centrally manage direct IP printing for your entire enterprise. You can easily import your current environment’s printers and then manage them as direct IP printers. With Printer Installer you can:

Migrate with Ease

With Printer Installer, importing your current environment to direct IP printing is simple and automated.

Migrate from any Environment

Use the provided GUI to import your existing Novell, Microsoft, or unmanaged direct IP printers.

Import existing printers

Save time by importing your existing Windows shared or Novell printers, including drivers, ports, and device settings.

Silently convert end user printers

Silently convert all end user’s existing Windows shared or Novell printers to direct IP printers.

Eliminate print servers

Eliminate expensive print servers. Eliminate print server management. Eliminate print server single point of failure. Eliminate pain.

Web Hosting / Web Design

Plans & Pricing

Our hosting plans in detail. Choose the right plan for you


  • £6.99/mo.

5GB Storage Space

UnlimitedMonthly Bandwidth

10 Free Sub-Domains

250 E-mail Accounts

Control Panel & FTP

No Shared 128bit SSL

Best for: Start-ups, Blogs


  • £20.99/mo.

25GB Storage Space

20,000GB Monthly Bandwidth

30 Free Sub-Domains

500 E-mail Accounts

Control Panel & FTP

No Shared 128bit SSL

Best for: Small Businesses


  • £49.99/mo.

50GB Storage Space

40,000GB Monthly Bandwidth

50 Free Sub-Domains

Unlimted E-mail Accounts

Control Panel & FTP

No Shared 128bit SSL

Best for: Resellers, Devs


  • £149.99/mo.

Unlimted Storage Space

Unlimted Monthly Bandwidth

Unlimted Sub-Domains

Unlimted E-mail Accounts

Control Panel & FTP

No Shared 128bit SSL

Best for: Big Projects


cPanel or DirectAdmin control panel

Our web servers are all connected to these 1 GB ports, which is then connected to the datacentre backbone, capable of up to the cool 90 Gb per second bandwidth!